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Styku 3D Body Scan

This contactless scan takes a 3D image of your body. Providing information to help you reach your personalized fitness goals & visually view your progress. Wear form fitted clothing or undergarments for your scan to achieve the most accurate measurements & book your appointment now on the Hudsun Wellness Center app.  View a sample scan below.

  • Visualize Your Body in 3D - Styku reveals your true shape and how it’s changing over time
  • Set Personalized Goals - Set health and fitness targets with fat loss and calorie calculators
  • Track Progress - View trends over time for measurements, posture, body fat % and much more
  • Fast & Non-invasive - Uses harmless infrared light, 35 seconds to scan, 1 minute to process
  • Data That Makes Sense - Extracts familiar metrics and analyses body composition with medical grade precision