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Getting fit + relieving body pain has never been this easy! At HudSun Wellness Center and Tan, we offer a variety of new age technologies + services. Our goal is for our clients to conveniently achieve total body wellness relaxation without having to spend hours at the spa, gym or dermatology offices!

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About Us 

We created HudSun Wellness Center & Tan with a “one stop shop” in mind. We wanted a place that was new and innovating to Grand Forks, something that the area doesn't already offer. This is where our infrared service came into play. Infrared heat has such amazing benefits from weight loss - skin health - removes toxins from the body plus so many more wonderful health benefits! We wanted to have a place where you could come workout, relax, tan and so much more at one place. Normally, you would have to hold several different types of memberships, but having a membership here... you only need one! I thought to myself, If I could block off an hour of 'me time' and only need to stop at one place to get multiple services, that would be amazing!” So, my husband, Nick, and I set out on this great adventure of opening HudSun Wellness, named after our son Hudson! Our mission is to provide services that will enhance the natural beauty of our clients and lead them to a healthier lifestyle. We have had so much fun this far sharing our services with the community and we are excited for the future!

I am excited we are able to bring something new and innovating to Grand Forks! Having an awesome team here at Hudsun Wellness Center and being able to share our passion with our clients to help them find themselves again if it be in weight loss, fitness goals, pain management or just to help them relax, it’s the BEST!

Jessie Shirek-Owner


Kayla - Manager 

“I love watching our members fall in love with the process of becoming the very best version of themselves. Helping them improve their overall wellness from the inside out! We have everything to offer from teeth whitening home kits to the HotWorx classes. Gu​arantee we have something you’ll love at HudSun!”

Peyton - Senior Wellness Associate

“Hudsun is my second home! I love it here! The environment is so supportive and encouraging! I love getting to know the clients and to watch them reach their personal goals, to see them grow physically and mentally is so fulfilling! My favorite part about working here is all the relationship I have built with clients and my coworkers! Cannot wait to meet many more new members!”

Sussie - Senior Wellness Associate

“HudSun is truly my happy place. The positive and encouraging atmosphere has me feeling like my best self! There are so many opportunities for clients to meet their fitness goals day in and day out. My favorite part of working here is seeing the changes in all of our clients and the happiness this place brings them!”

Hannah - Action-Certified Personal Trainer

“I love Hudsun because it is such a happy environment and I look forward to coming here! My coworkers here make work so fun and inviting! Not too mention we have some awesome members that have been so fun to get to know too!”

Lauren - Wellness Associate

“I love Hudsun because it is such a fun and welcoming environment! I am always excited to work because it is so fun to get to know the members and the staff is always so welcoming!! My favorite service is the skin wellness pod and I’m so excited to learn more about the services!!”

JillWellness Associate

“I instantly fell in love with Hudsun because of the amazing friendships and members that are all so dedicated in reaching their fitness/health goals. Hudsun radiates a sense of community through every single person that walks through the front doors. My first two months here at Hudsun have been filled with positivity and encouragement & I can’t wait to get to know everyone more!”

BayleeWellness Associate

“I am so excited to be joining the Hudsun team! It has such a welcoming community among the members as well as the staff! I love my time at hudsun while I’m working out AND when I’m working! I am pumped to start building relationships with the members and encourage them in their wellness journey!”

Nick - Maintenance

“I love HudSun for many reasons, mainly that it offers so many unique services under one roof, the ability to get maximum results in such a short time. I enjoy coming in to assist the team with any items needing attention, and I love seeing all the smiling faces and welcoming attitudes, the impact that a positive culture can create is second to none. The team here does an amazing job and each one cares so much, and for that, I am so thankful!”


Monday-Thursday 6am-9pm   |   Friday 6am-8pm

Saturday 7am-7pm   |   Sunday 8am-5pm