Getting fit + relieving body pain has never been this easy! At HudSun Wellness Center and Tan, we offer a variety of new age technologies + services. Our goal is for our clients to conveniently achieve total body wellness relaxation without having to spend hours at the spa, gym or dermatology offices!

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About us 

We created HudSun Wellness Center & Tan with a "one stop shop" in mind. We wanted a place that was new + innovating to Grand Forks, something that the area doesn't already offer. This is where our infrared service came into play. Infrared heat has such amazing benefits from weight loss - skin health - removes toxins from the body + so many more wonderful health benefits! We wanted to have a place where you could come workout, relax, tan + so much more at one place. Normally, you would have to hold several different types of memberships, having a membership here... you only need to have one!

I thought to myself . . . "If I could block off an hour of 'me time' and only need to stop at one place + get multiple services, that would be amazing!"

So, my husband, Nick, and I set out on this great adventure of opening HudSun Wellness, named after our son Hudson!

Our mission is to provide services that will enhance the natural beauty of our clients and lead them to a healthier lifestyle.

We have had so much fun this far sharing our services with the community + we are excited for the future!

I am excited we are able to bring something new + innovating to Grand Forks! Having an awesome team here at Hudsun Wellness Center + being able to share our passion with our clients to help them find themselves again if it be in weight loss, fitness goals, pain management or just to help them relax, it’s the BEST!

Jessie Shirek-Owner


Kayla- Assistant Manager 

"I love watching our members fall in love with the process of becoming the very best version of themselves. Helping them improve their overall wellness from the inside out! We have everything to offer from teeth whitening home kits to the HotWorx classes. Guarantee we have something you’ll love at HudSun!"

Peyton-Wellness Associate

“I love working at HUDSUN because my coworkers are so friendly and the clients who come in are super outgoing. I just recently started attending HUDSUN when I applied right away because I loved the environment so much! I absolutely love coming into work and seeing everyone who is a part of the HUDSUN community, I am so grateful that I am part of it now!"

Halley-Wellness Associate

 “I love HUDSUN because it is such an encouraging environment! You really get to know all the members and everybody has been so kind & welcoming to me! The members and my coworkers make it so much fun to come to “work”!! So excited to be apart of this amazing group!” 

Kelsey-Wellness Associate

"I’m excited t​o work at HudSun because when I started coming here I really enjoyed working out and meeting new people and thought to myself if the opportunity came about I would want to work here! I love how you can go to the gym and spa all in one place while you are with some friends!”

Sussie-Wellness Associate

"I love working at Hudsun because of the positive atmosphere and the great clients we have! All of the Hotworx classes are my favorite, but mostly cycling! Coming to Hudsun makes me enjoy my workouts more and left me feeling happier when I was done!"

Hannah-Wellness Associate

 “I love Hudsun because it is such a happy environment and I look forward to coming here! My coworkers here make work so fun and inviting! Not too mention we have some awesome members that have been so fun to get to know too!”

Lauren-Wellness Associate

“I love Hudsun because it is such a fun and welcoming environment! I am always excited to work because it is so fun to get to know the members and the staff is always so welcoming!! My favorite service is the skin wellness pod and I’m so excited to learn more about the services!!”


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